Museum Secrets TV

Sometimes we get an opportunity to work on projects that makes us reminisce about all the great adventures we planned for ourselves as children. Uncovering long lost treasures deep within the pyramids of Cairo. Becoming a great painter while living a very meaningful artistic existence in Paris. Digging for the world’s largest dinosaur bones in the vastness of Mongolia. All these great memories came rushing back when we were given the opportunity to work on the Museum Secrets website. brings to life the historical and priceless artifacts showcased on the Museum Secrets TV series. The show takes viewers from one extraordinary museum to the next on a journey that explores the adventures and history of irreplaceable treasures all over the world. Our imaginations ran amok with wild ideas to showcase each artifact in an interesting, informative and interactive way.

Starting with the amazing subject matter, we developed an “Object Navigator” using flash and a custom CMS to display the museum artifacts in a dynamic fashion. This included a timeline for each artifact, maps, themes and links to specific artifact pages. Each artifact was then given its own unique page to engage users and give them a deeper look into the history and significance of each piece. These artifact pages included videos, slideshows and custom designed interactive content.

The site really helped raise awareness about the TV series and as a result the show has been renewed for a second season! Based on analytics we know that the site had a large number of visitors and average time spent on were long with low bounce rates, meaning that users really took the time to explore the videos and interactive content for each artifact.