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Break Time: The Boss Has a Brand New Toy

Sorry if we were a bit distracted last week. We’ve been immersed in research and development… Ok, the truth is that Andrew’s Oculus Rift arrived and we all had to try it out. While some of us were left a bit dizzy, our overall rating was a an enthusiastic and hyper-realistic WOW. Motion sickness aside,

MiO POV: Your 15 Minutes of Fame Now Streaming in Real Time

While user generated content is nothing new, giving cellphone users the power to broadcast live in real-time has the potential to change the game. As part of TAXI2’s advertising campaign for MiO liquid water enhancer, Pixelpusher developed a unique system that allows users to stream video using their cellphone cameras. The system included an interface

Pixelpusher Augmented Reality Christmas Card

This year Pixelpusher has been working hard to brighten up the holiday season in more than one way. Instead of gifts we have made a donation on your behalf to the Canadian Brain Tumour Foundation. That’s not all though, we have also created a spectacular display of festive lights to share with you! Happy Holidays