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Break Time: The Boss Has a Brand New Toy

Sorry if we were a bit distracted last week. We’ve been immersed in research and development… Ok, the truth is that Andrew’s Oculus Rift arrived and we all had to try it out. While some of us were left a bit dizzy, our overall rating was a an enthusiastic and hyper-realistic WOW. Motion sickness aside,

MiO POV: Your 15 Minutes of Fame Now Streaming in Real Time

While user generated content is nothing new, giving cellphone users the power to broadcast live in real-time has the potential to change the game. As part of TAXI2’s advertising campaign for MiO liquid water enhancer, Pixelpusher developed a unique system that allows users to stream video using their cellphone cameras. The system included an interface

It’s No Secret – They’re Winners

Congratulations to our friends at Museum Secrets. They were honoured twice at this year’s Canadian Screen Awards. Museum Secrets won Best Factual Program or Series, as well as Best Picture Editing in an Information Program or Series. Nice work, guys!

Graham Barton Muay Thai Memorial Scholarship

For those who didn’t know him, Graham was one of the co-founders of Pixelpusher. We lost Graham to a battle with cancer in 2011 but needless to say, his memory lives on. Graham was a fighter, so it’s appropriate that a muay thai scholarship be named in his honour. Zayak Rafeek is the first recipient

Catch the Nissan 3D Hologram Experience at the Auto Show

Combining holographic presentation with gesture control Pixelpusher has created a minority report style experience for this years Canadian International Autoshow.   TBWA wanted a one of a kind experience for the Nissan client and Pixelpusher delivered. The technology Hologram – We utilized peppers ghost illusion to create the hologram effect. This was the same technology used

Awesome voken for an awesome video game

Everybody in the office here is pretty hyped about the new game “Kingdom of Amalur: The Reckoning”, check out the demo if you haven’t already. We recently got a chance to build a pretty intense top layer ad (voken) for this game on GameSpot and IGN.  The ad features the Reckoning’s protagonist slicing and dicing

Graham Barton

Pixelpusher’s co-founder Graham Barton died on Saturday (Dec 17) after a long battle with brain cancer. Graham was in many ways a prodigy, everything seemed to come easy for him whether rollerblading, first person shooters or coding Flash. Graham was a fighter but at the same time quiet and gentle. He was deeply passionate about

GIF Rap this Christmas with Skittles

Coming off the success of Touch the Rainbow BBDO ad team Mike & Chris have funked up the holidays with a bit of the ol’ GIF rap. In record time we were asked to create a site that combined the best of GIF animation, Rap music and internet memes, all with a delicious Christmas coating.