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I recently bought a spark core at and it’s awesome. It’s basically a tiny Arduino with wi-fi built in and it costs around $40. I’ve done some preliminary testing and it seems rock solid. To top it off everything is open source. Kudos to the team at! For a personal project I want

Repackage your iOS IPA

I am writing this more to remember how to do this than anything else. The use case for this is you have a ipa file and you need to change the contents but for one reason or another you can’t just recompile. This sounds like a outside case but I find it pops up more

What Really Matters. YMCA Campaign Video

Station X asked if The Lunch Network could help them come up with a hard hitting video for the YMCA that resonated with people instead of frightening them away. As part of the network Pixelpusher was pleased to lead the project. The brief was pretty shocking, today’s kids may be the first generation to have