Pixelpusher creates Augmented Reality for the new VW Launch

Red Urban hired Pixelpusher to discover if it was posible to create large scale AR experiences using billboards in Toronto’s Dundas Square. After weeks of testing and experimentation we were able to put together a recommendation and a team to make it happen.

Having already built Augmented Reality (AR) projects for clients such asĀ Nissan, Ford and Belmont, Pixelpusher was ready to create an experience that promoted the new 2012 Beetle in an unexpected way. Our technological expertise enabled us to bring the Beetle to billboards and bus shelters as part of the larger campaign by the agency Red Urban.

The resulting app uses AR to project 3D animations onto actual surfaces such as billboards and bus shelters when you point your iPhone or iPad at them. The Beetle comes flying out of the ad and jumps off ramps, right on your mobile device! Download the app to experience the magic for yourself!

See the video here

Credits: Red Urban, Bully Entertainment

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