Pixelpusher virtually field trips to dandelion-filled fields and retro bowling alleys


Modern web browsers can do a lot more than display websites and look at social media posts. The latest web based technology like WebGL, combined with advances in JavaScript open a wide variety of exciting possibilities for the mad scientists of the Internet.

Recently our team has been experimenting with these possibilities, and came up with a couple of fun experiences. Our most recent experiments explore what can be done with these new technologies in a playful and creative way.

Check out ‘Dandelion’, a window into a 3D scene where dandelions sway in the breeze and rays of sunlight sparkle between the trees. Swipe to control the motion of the dandelion seeds as they blow about and make a wish! Try it out on desktop browsers or mobile devices.

Then brush up on your skills with ‘Pixelpusher Bowling’, a retro bowling game that runs smoothly in your browser without any special plugins on desktop or mobile. Swipe on an angle to curve your throw, and maybe with some practice you’ll bowl our first perfect game!

Check back, we’ll be posting more experiments from the Pixelpusher Lab soon!


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