Sasha’s HTML5 banner featured on the Tumult Blog

Sasha our talented lead animator put together a kick ass banner in HTML5 that is virtually indistinguishable from a Flash banner. To build it he used the sweet HTML5 authoring tool Hype built by Tumult. Tumult was so impressed by his skills thay have featured him on their blog.

Today, we’re showcasing an animated ad banner created by Sasha Zivanovic, the animation director at Pixelpusher. Sasha produced the animation above in the first two hours after installing Hype. As Pixelpusher’s senior animator & animation director, Sasha has 10 years of award winning animation experience behind him. It was a treat to see his first production in Hype. It’s worth mentioning that this banner looks virtually identical on the major desktop and mobile browsers.

To check it out here is the first version produced in Flash. Here is the HTML5 version.

Congratulations Sasha!

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